Policy 5138.5 – Closed Campus

All students in grades PK through 10 are to remain on campus during the school day. Closed campus for students in grades 11 and 12 will be determined according to site based decision.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Section 115.01 (10) School day
    • Section 115.28(7)(e) General duties
    • Sections 118.155 Released time for religious instruction
    • Section 118.16 School attendance enforcement
    • Section 118.33(1)(b) High school graduation standards
    • Section 119.18(7) School hours
    • Section 120.12(15) School hours
  • PI40 Youth Options Program


  • 5310 – Student Attendance Procedures
  • 5341 – Release Time for Religious Instruction
  • 6112 – School Day


AFFIRMED: October 8, 1996

Rule 5138.5 – Closed Campus

Students will not be permitted to leave the school or engage in non-school related activities during the school day without the permission of the principal or designee and a parent/guardian.

Students are permitted to leave the school campus for approved educational activities and programs.

School District regulations specify how this policy shall be implemented.