Policy 4333 – Chaperone Requirements & Expectations

The purpose of a chaperone is to keep order and see to the safety and conduct of students involved in a school event. District personnel and volunteers serving as chaperones (collectively the “Chaperone(s)”) for all activities agree to adhere to the provisions outlined in Rule 4333.

LEGAL REF.:  Wisconsin Statutes



AFFIRMED:    August 25, 2015

Rule 4333 – Chaperone Requirements & Expectations

It is expected that all Chaperones read and become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of Chaperones as set forth in the district policy. All Chaperones are subject to board policies and district procedures while on assignment. All individuals seeking to act as a Chaperone will submit to a criminal background check.

Chaperones shall abide by the following for the entirety of the trip/event/assignment:

  • Follow the direction of the teacher, advisor, coach, principal or his/her designee in charge of the trip;
  • Report any misconduct immediately;
  • Be responsible for the safety of assigned students and be aware of their whereabouts at all times;
  • Abstain from the consumption and/or use of any alcohol and/or illegal drugs;
  • Use appropriate verbal communication and display appropriate physical conduct;
  • Refrain from transferring duties and responsibilities to another person;
  • Attend to the needs of students outside of their assigned supervision in the event of an emergency or if asked to do so by teacher, advisor, coach, principal or his/her designee in charge of the trip; and
  • Comply with all applicable policies and procedures of the district.

Chaperones who do not comply with any of the above provisions will have their services for the school related trip terminated immediately, and district employees serving as Chaperones may also be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.

All Chaperones are required to execute a Chaperone Acknowledgement Form prior to departure for the trip/event/assignment.