Policy 3653 – Indoor Air Quality

All District facilities shall be operated in compliance with federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations. This includes providing healthy indoor air quality environments for all users of the facilities.

The District shall have an Indoor Air Quality Program that supports providing healthy environments and that provides a mechanism to address indoor air quality concerns. The Director of Facilities shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of the District Indoor Air Quality Program.


  • Wisconsin Statutes
    • Sections 101.11 [Provision of safe workplace]
    • 101.123 [Smoking prohibited]
    • 118.075(3) [Indoor environmental quality in schools; model management plan]
    • 118.075(4) [Indoor environmental quality in schools; district plans]
    • 120.12(1) [Board duty; care, control and management of district property]
    • 121.02(1)(i) [Safe and healthful facilities standard]
    • 254.22 [Indoor air quality]
    • PI 8.01(2)(i), Wisconsin Administrative Code [Safe and healthful facilities regulations]


  • 3600 School Safety
  • 3651 Hazardous Chemicals
  • 3710 Facilities Maintenance
  • 3711 Improvement or Maintenance Projects
  • 7200 Facilities Planning


AFFIRMED: September 25, 2007


December 18, 2008
December 17, 2013