Policy 2400 – School – Administration

The principal is the chief administrative and instructional officer of the school and is directly responsible to the Executive Director or Director to whom he/she has been assigned. The principal is responsible for the administration of the total educational program within the school.

The principal will assume such other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools after consulting with their immediate supervisor.

Appropriate placement and transfer practices for building principals should enhance effective utilization of skills and abilities and the professional growth of individuals and the continued improvement of the District’s schools and its children.  These objectives can best be achieved through the provision of a variety of assignments and experiences over a period of years, and the best possible matching of administrator strengths to identified needs of a particular school.

The Superintendent will be responsible to the Board for effective placement and transfer of building principals.  In making decisions on placement, the superintendent will give consideration to:

  • The needs of the school and District as perceived by the Board and central administration;
  • The administrator’s expressed preferences;
  • Compatibility of administrative style among staff in the school;
  • Opportunities provided for professional growth in the other school assignments;
  • Appropriate training to enable planning and educational continuity;
  • The needs of the schools as perceived by site councils and staff; and
  • Five to nine years of service at one school.

To achieve the above, the Superintendent shall annually as part of the annual staffing, consider, and then make reassignment of individual building administrators, which fill some or all of the above criteria.

The building principal shall appoint an assistant principal or other person to be empowered to act for the principal in his/her absence from the school.


  • 2211, Recruiting and Hiring – Administrative, Supervisory and Technical Personnel
  • 2410, School Support Staffing – Administrative
  • District Organizational Chart
  • Principal Position Descriptions



  • December 28, 1990
  • February 9, 1999
  • July 25, 2000
  • June 26, 2007