Policy 1812 – Relations With Parent-Teacher Organizations

The School Board recognizes and encourages organizations of parents and teachers as one major means wherein school personnel and parents may cooperate effectively to advance the education, safety, health and welfare of children.  Cooperation between school authorities and parent-teacher organizations is encouraged and desirable for support of continued improvement in public school programs.

Parent-teacher organizations shall include the building principal or District departmental administrator on the executive board and shall keep such administrators fully informed regarding their plans and projects.

Parent-teacher organizations may be permitted the use of school facilities in accordance with District policies and rules and upon approval of the building principal.  Parent-teacher organizations shall conduct fundraising only in accordance with District policies and rules and shall account for any funds and their disbursement in accordance with established accounting procedures.

Building principals and other administrators may establish schedules for teacher attendance at parent-teacher organization activities.  School personnel participation is expected by the District in various activities, including American Education Week and parent-teacher conferences, unless specifically excused, in writing, by the building principal or other authorized administrator.

LEGAL REF.: Wisconsin Statutes

  • Section 120.13 [Board power to do all things reasonable for the cause of education]


  • 1330, Use of School District Facilities
  • 1400, Gifts, Grants and Bequests
  • 1500, Public Solicitations/Fundraising Involving the Schools
  • 1510, Advertising/Promotions
  • 1520, Notification of Materials and Literature to Students
  • 1600, School Visitors
  • 3622, Access to School Buildings and Grounds
  • 5127, Photographing Elementary Students
  • 6100, Mission, Principles, Goals, Results
  • 6740, Student Fundraising Activities


AFFIRMED: December 28, 1990

REVISED: February 25, 2003