Policy 1400 – Gifts, Grants and Bequests

The District may receive, accept and use gifts, grants or bequests of furniture, books, equipment, supplies, money, securities or other property, real or personal, used or new, for school research and educational purposes. Prior approval of the Superintendent of Schools and/or his/her designee shall be required before such items can be accepted by any District representative. Consideration shall be given to such factors as suitability, appropriateness, safety, repair and replacement costs before gifts, grants or bequests are accepted.  Upon acceptance, gifts, grants and bequests from individuals or organizations, shall become the property of the District and shall be used as directed by the donor, if such direction is included with the gift, grant or bequest.

In order to be accepted, gifts, grants and bequests must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. It does not discriminate in any prohibitive manner.
  2. It can be used in a positive manner in correlation with the existing educational program.
  3. It is offered by a donor acceptable to the District.  (Consideration may be given to the source of the gift.)
  4. It will not begin a program that the District would be unwilling to take over when the gift or grant funds are exhausted.
  5. It will not bring undesirable or hidden costs to the District.
  6. It places no restrictions on the school program.
  7. It will not be inappropriate or harmful to the education of students.
  8. It will not require or imply endorsement of any business or product.
  9. It will not be in conflict with any provisions of school regulations or law.
  10. The District will not give special privileges or considerations to the donor.
  11. If applicable, the donor’s designated usage can be honored consistent with the requisite criteria for acceptance of gifts, grants or bequests. If a donor’s designated usage may not be honored by the District, the Superintendent and/or his/her designee shall inform the donor and provide an opportunity for the donor to modify or remove any unacceptable restrictions or directions on the use, or shall otherwise refuse to accept the gift, grant or bequest.

It is also the policy of the District that with respect to gifts, grants and bequests:

  1. The District does not consider the acceptance of donations to be a testimonial or endorsement.
  2. Individuals or groups wishing to make donations are especially encouraged to consider equipment or services that are not likely to be acquired from public fund expenditures.
  3. If at any time the Board deems that any donation is no longer advantageous or appropriate for the District, the Board may return or dispose of any unused portion of the donation in a manner that will best serve the interests of the District.
  4. Donations that are oriented mainly toward the solicitation of business or the collection of resources for a vendor’s own purposes are not acceptable.
  5. Recognition of vendors making donations determined to be advantageous to the schools are allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  6. The custodian or trustee of all donated funds received by the District shall be the Superintendent and/or his/her designee.
  7. Forms and procedures available through the Finance Department must be used.

In the exception that the criteria listed is not met, the Superintendent may bring a recommendation to the Board for approval.

The District shall not discriminate in the acceptance and administration of gifts, bequests, scholarships and other aids, benefits or services to students from private agencies, organizations or individuals on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, color, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, physical, mental, emotional or learning disability or handicap.  Discrimination complaints shall be processed in accordance with established procedures.

LEGAL REF.:  Wisconsin Statutes

  • Section 118.13    [Student discrimination prohibited]
  • Section 118.27    [Acceptance of gifts to the schools]
  • PI 9.03(1), Wisconsin Administrative Code   [Student nondiscrimination policy requirements]


  • 1131, Memorials within the Schools
  • 1410, Free Materials
  • 1500, Solicitations/Fundraising
  • 1812, Relations with Parent-Teacher Organizations
  • 3220, Funding Proposals and Grants
  • 5110, Equal Educational Opportunity/Discrimination Complaint
  • 6100, Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Goals
  • 6740, Student Fundraising Activities


AFFIRMED:    March 26, 1991


  • January 14, 2003
  • February 25, 2003
  • December 19, 2006
  • February 27, 2018