Policy 1110 – Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Surveys

A District-wide survey shall be conducted every two years to obtain parent/guardian/caregiver opinions regarding school operation and student success.  The survey shall be developed by the Office of Educational Accountability in accordance with established procedures and with input from the building level. The Communications Department will promote the survey to a variety of media outlets.

LEGAL REF.: Wisconsin Statutes

  • Section 120.13 (Board power to do all things reasonable to promote the cause of Education)


  • 1120, Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Involvement
  • 6100, Mission, Principles, Goals, Results


AFFIRMED: March 14, 1995


  • March 26, 1996
  • August 27, 1996
  • April 8, 1997
  • February 25, 2003
  • December 19, 2006
  • October 28, 2014

Rule 1110 – Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Surveys

  1. The parent/guardian/caregiver survey will consist of a written questionnaire/focus groups/electronic survey or standardized survey instrument such as a school climate survey. Accommodations for language and disability/handicap conditions are expected.
  2. All surveys will have a series of identical questions to allow for a comparison of results. Questions relative to playground safety will be incorporated in the parent/guardian/caregiver survey.  Building principals may develop additional questions reflective of individual building informational needs.
  3. The parent/guardian/caregiver survey will be conducted during the time frame of early spring (March-April) every two years using a statistical sampling of parents/guardians/caregivers conducive to each building.
  4. The Communications Department and the building principals will be responsible for administering the survey with the Office of Educational Accountability providing summaries of the results. A process of standardization of survey summaries will be implemented.  Principals will be responsible for summarizing the results of building specific questions and reporting the results to the Superintendent of Schools or designee.
  5. Principals will disseminate to parents/guardians/caregivers the results of the survey and how they plan to use the results for school improvement.
  6. An executive summary of the surveys shall be compiled by the Office of Educational Accountability and presented to the Standing Committee and the School Board no later September of the year the survey was administered.