Roosevelt Buddy Bench dedicated to Livy’s Legacy

Roosevelt Elementary School dedicated a Buddy Bench to Livy’s Legacy Filling the Dash on Tuesday with support from the organization’s family, supporters, Roosevelt PTO and Kenosha County Parks Department. In the early morning of March 6, 2017, Brian and Kimberly Schneider discovered that their daughter Olivia, who went by Livy, had died in her sleep. Following a thorough investigation that ruled out possible causes, such as illness, injury or disease, her death was deemed “sudden unexplained death in childhood” (SUDC). To deal with the loss of their daughter, the Schneider family established “Livy’s Legacy: Filling in the Dash,” to support families and children in Kenosha and raise funds for the SUDC Foundation. “Filling in the Dash” refers to the fullness of Livy’s short life and enriching the lives of others. Livy’s Legacy also is dedicated to giving back to the school community, and its next school partner is Nash Elementary School. Livy’s little brother will attend Roosevelt for elementary school, where he will be able to sit with his sister on the bench.