Summer Opportunities

The goal of the Summer School program is to provide interventions and enrichment consistent with the approved curriculum of the Kenosha Unified School District.  In the programs at the elementary and middle school levels, the objective is to provide opportunities for personalized learning in reading and math that encompass collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication around meaningful learning targets.  At the high school level, the objective is to provide high school students credit recovery opportunities and to improve the graduation rate.

In addition, Summer School provides learning opportunities in the areas of music, theater, and Department of Recreation Summer Activities for Children programs.

Summer School Sites

Please contact Summer School sites directly for information regarding Summer School programming and employment.

Bose 359-4044 1900 15th Street Harvey, Somers
Brass 359-8000 6400 15th Ave Roosevelt
EBSOLA 359-2300 2600 50th St  
Grant 359-6346 1716 35th St  
Jefferson 359-6390 1832 43rd St  
McKinley 359-6002 5520 32nd Ave  
Nash 359-3500 6801 99th Ave  
Pleasant Prairie 359-2104 9208 Wilmot Rd  
Whittier    359-2110 8542 Cooper Rd Jeffery, Prairie Lane
Southport 359-6309 723 76th St Grewenow, Vernon
Stocker 359-2143 6315 67th St Forest Park
Strange 359-6024 5414 49th Ave  
Bullen 359-4460 2804 39th Ave  
Lance 359-2240 4515 80th St  
Lincoln 359-6296 6729 18th Ave  
Mahone 359-8100 6900 60th St  
Washington 359-6291 811 Washington Rd  
Bradford 359-6200 3700 Washington Rd  
eSchool 359-7715 1808 41st Place  
Indian Trail 359-8700 6800 60th St  
Reuther/Harborside 359-6160 913 57th St  
Tremper 359-2200 8560 26th Ave  


  • Patti Clements
    Coordinator of Talent Development and Summer School
    (262) 359-6199