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Family Education Programs

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Parent Series

Weekly trainings that develop and strengthen parenting skills

  • SUPPORTING SCHOOL SUCCESS is a five-week series, for parents with children in grades 4K-3, designed to improve communication, reduce misbehavior and help children succeed academically.

  • MOTHEREAD/FATHEREAD is a six-week series that assists parents in reading to young children.

  • 911 FOR PARENTS is a four-week series on behavioral management.

  • SUCCESSFUL FATHERING is a 10-week series that focuses on strengthening father/child relationships and school involvement.

  • SECOND STEP is a six-week series on violence prevention that specifically addresses problem-solving and anger management.

  • STRENGTHENING FAMILIES is an eight-week program that focuses on increasing family strengths, enhancing child development and preventing violence.

  • ADULT BOOK STUDY is a three- to four-week book study regarding parenting.

  • ADULT/CHILD BOOK STUDY is a three- to four-week book study for parents and their child(ren), which is based on individual grade levels.

  • HEALTH AND NUTRITION is a six-week series on healthy eating habits presented by the UW-Extension.

Current Issues

Programs that offer parents an opportunity to gain knowledge on current behavioral and societal issues

  • INTERNET SAFETY is a training provided by law enforcement on safely using the Internet.

  • VIDEO GAMES, HEALTHY HABITS AND CHILDREN is a presentation of healthy activities.

  • BULLYING is training on the definition of bullying and what to do if it occurs.

  • SUICIDE PREVENTION provides an overview of the signs and symptoms of suicide.

  • SCHOOL SAFETY PROCEDURES is a presentation on the procedures of school safety.

  • GANG PREVENTION is an interactive discussion on gangs, where they are, who they target for members and what to do as a parent.

  • SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF DRUG ABUSE trains parents to talk to children about alcohol and drugs.

  • PRESCRIPTION MISUSE is a presentation regarding the misuse of prescription drugs and what to do as a parent.

Interactive Sessions with Parents and Children

Programs that prepare parents to help children learn at home via interactive sessions on reading, math academics and safety

  • GET READY TO READ is an interactive workshop for parents and students that shares fun, hands-on ideas to help children enjoy learning and reading.

  • BE A READY READER is a program for parents and children ages 3-12 to motivate and bring excitement to the reading process. 

  • DR. SEUSS NIGHT is an evening for families to enhance literacy skills with learning stations that provide interactive games focusing on reading.

  • LEARNING GAMES KIDS CAN’T RESIST is a program that introduces 15 learning games that make teaching reading easy and fun.

  • VISUALIZATION FOR CHILDREN is a workshop that helps parents and children in grades K-5 discover and develop their own creativity and imagination.

  • VOCABULARY CARTOONS is an interactive workshop that helps parents and students in grades K-5 utilize and develop larger vocabularies.

  • MAKING BOOKS encourages parents and students to turn things that may have been thrown out into a treasured book.

  • STREET SMART KIDS is a program for parents and students in grades K-5 developed by the Kenosha Police Department, which discusses safety precautions.

  • MATH MAGIC teaches parents and students in grades K-5 how to play interactive math games that encourage students to enjoy math.

  • PUMPKIN SCIENCE NIGHT is an interactive program focusing on science by measuring, counting and weighing pumpkins.

  • PREPARING FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL is for parents and students in fifth grade to help students know what to expect as they transition into middle school.

  • MATH FAIR is an interactive program where several students from each grade level present a curriculum lesson to families.

Informational Programs

Programs that assist parents in staying current with curriculum, testing, social development and special needs awareness

  • Grade level expectations

  • Testing data

  • Stem Night in middle schools

  • Numeracy Curriculum Night

  • Meet-and-greet with the principal

  • KUSD ONLINE RESOURCES to assist parents in helping their children with academics through available online resources

  • STRATEGIES TO LEARN AND PRACTICE BASIC MATH FACTS for parents to help their children with mathematics

  • ADD/ADHD – WHAT CAN PARENTS DO to assist parents in helping their children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders

  • GETTING TO KNOW AUTISM to assist parents in understanding the disorder

  • CHILDREN AND DEPRESSION to discuss signs and symptoms of depression

  • CHILD ABUSE – WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO CROSS THE LINE? presented by law enforcement, to understand child abuse and its consequences