Kenosha eSchool Registration

Kenosha eSchool Registration

Students are able to take a class(s) on-line thru eSchool. However:

  • Students must still carry 6 credits between Bradford and eSchool classes
  • Schedules will be adjusted once students have completed the process and are confirmed in the eSchool class

It is a process. Student must:

  1. Create an account on eSchool at
  2. Choose an eSchool class from eSchool course list
  3. Turn in the course request form to their Bradford Counselor.
  4. Complete the eSchool Orientation Assignment within the week it was assigned or it will be cancelled.
  5. Notify their Bradford Counselor when they have been confirmed in the class and bring the drop/add slip at the time of meeting.
  6. If concerned about the status of the eSchool class; student must contact eSchool at 262-359-7715.

Click HERE for a step-by-step video.

Please Note:

If a student plans to replace a Bradford class for an eSchool class within the same semester, they must complete the eSchool process and be confirmed in the eSchool class within the first 15 days to avoid dropping the Bradford class with an F.  After 15 days, students will drop all classes with an F.

Click here to register.