College Planning

Preparing for college is one step, applying to a college is another.

Step 1: Preparing for College:

  1. Take strong college preparatory classes in high school and get good grades; colleges require a minimum of 17 core academic units
  2. Get involved and/or volunteer in clubs/activities/sports you have a passion for as it will help you be a well-rounded applicant and assist with eligibility for scholarships
  3. Research careers & colleges based on interest/majors/programs. Use Xello to assist with your search.
  4. Take the ACT junior year
  5. Be sure to get at least 2 letters of recommendation by the end of your junior year for college admission and scholarships.
  6. Plan to apply to college(s) that offer the most of what is important to you: cost/location/majors
  7. There are different levels of college/university training
    Certificates-1 year diploma-Associate degree(2 year colleges)-Bachelor Degrees BA/BS (4 year universities)-Masters (2-3 years beyond Bachelor Degree)- Doctorate (4-7 years beyond Bachelor Degree)

College Planning Resources:

  • Gateway Student Specialist – Here to assist Bradford students in learning about Gateway programs and applying for admission.  She is here on Thursdays and is located in room 252.  Click HERE to make an *appointment.

    • *Once the appointment is made, the student will be sent an invitation thru email.  Students are still responsible for creating an ePass to attend this appointment.   Your teacher will approve the ePass provided you show proof of the appointment, which is the email invitation

  • ACT– Most commonly used placement test used by colleges for admission and placement in classes at the college level.  The SAT is another placement test sometimes required by elite/coastal colleges.   Check individual colleges to determine preferred tests and/or score.
  • NCAA – Site to register if a student plans to play a sport in college. Click HERE to how.

Applying to College:  Fall of Senior Year

  1. Complete and submit the following to the college(s) you are considering:
    1. Application (often completed online)
    2. Application fee; A student can request a fee waiver from a Bradford counselor if they qualify for free/reduced lunch (submit by mail along with paper copy of official transcript)
    3. Supporting documents such as *transcript/letters of recommendation/**ACT or SAT scores

* A transcript without ACT/SAT scores can be sent electronically by making a request thru Xello OR a paper copy of a transcript with ACT/SAT scores can be obtained in room 151 and mailed by the student

**ACT/SAT scores can be requested to be included with the paper copy of an official transcript OR a student can go on to the official website of ACT/SAT and request directly for a fee

  1. Retake the ACT if a higher score is needed for admission or scholarship opportunities
  2. Complete the FAFSA as early as October 1st of senior year
  3. Look for scholarships throughout senior year
    1. Contact college for their specific scholarships
    2. Search Bradford Scholarship site for state/local/national scholarships
  4. In the spring, make a final decision on college

College Resources: