High School Courses

High School Course offerings

(List in English and Spanish)

The Kenosha eSchool Program offers courses that cover multiple subject areas to fulfill high school graduation requirements. Course descriptions for eSchool Program courses can be viewed from the chart below or here in the Wisconsin eSchool Network Course Catalog.

***Please note that eSchool Program does not offer all of the courses listed in the WEN catalog (see chart below for courses offered through Kenosha eSchool Program). 

Graduation Requirements Policy 6456
Graduation Requirement Checklist

Course offerings are based on demand/ enrollments and may change as the year progresses.

2023-24: Full Courses


  • AP Courses Full for the Remainder of the 2023-24 school year–Includes:  AP English Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition, and AP US History
  • High School Business and Business Electives Full for the remainder of the school year– Includes Career Planning, Computer Fundamentals, International Business, Life Skills, Personal Finance Regular/Honors, Thinking and Learning Strategies, and Web Design
  • High School English Full for the remainder of the school year—Includes: Survey of Literature Reg/Honors, World Literature Reg/Honors, American Literature Reg/Honors, Gothic Lit, Mythology & Folklore, Creative Writing
  • High School PE/Health Full for the remainder of the school year—Includes: Personal Fitness, Fitness Lifestyle Design, Physical Education 3, Life Management Skills (Health)
  • High School Psychology–Full for the remainder of the school year
  • High School Social Studies Full for the remainder of the school year—Includes: Economics Regular/Honors, Sociology, US Government & Politics Regular/Honors, US History, World History


*** Available for Honors Credit

***Economics (.5 cr.) ***English 1 –  Survey of Literature (1 cr.)
*** Personal & Family Finance (.5 cr.) ***English 2 – World Literature (1 cr.)
***English 3 – American Literature (1 cr.)
HEALTH/PHYSICAL ED ***English 4 – Literature & Composition (1 cr.)
Fitness Lifestyle Design – P.E. 2 (.5 cr.)  AP Language/Composition (1 cr.)
Life Management Skills – Health (.5 cr.)  AP Literature/Composition (1 cr.)
Personal Fitness – P.E. 1 or 3 (.5 cr.)
MATHEMATICS Art Appreciation (.5 cr.)–Quarter 2, 3 or 4 only
Algebra 1 (1 cr.) Career Planning (.5 cr.)
***Algebra 2 (1 cr.) Computer Fundamentals (1 cr.)
***Geometry (1 cr.) Creative Writing for Writers (.5 cr)
Liberal Arts Math (1 cr.) Digital Photography I (.5 cr.)–Quarter 2, 3 or 4 only
***Pre-Calculus (1 cr.) (Regular & Honors versions available) Digital Photography II (.5 cr.)–Quarter 2, 3 or 4 only
Trigonometry (.5 cr.) Forensic Science 1 (.5 cr.)
Forensic Science 2 (.5 cr.)
SCIENCE Fundamentals of Art & Design: Into to High School 2D Art (.5 cr)–Quarter 2, 3 or 4 only
***Biology (1 cr.) Gothic Literature (.5 cr.)
***Chemistry (1 cr.) Great Minds in Science (.5 cr.)
***Earth Space Science (1 cr.) International Business (.5 cr.)
*** Marine Science (1 cr.) Life Skills (.5 cr.)
Physical Science (1 cr.) Mythology and Folklore (.5 cr.)
Spanish 1 (1 cr.)
SOCIAL STUDIES ***Spanish 2 (1 cr.)
AP United States History (1.0 cr.) ***Spanish 3 (1 cr.)
***US Govt. & Politics (.5 cr) ***Spanish 4 (1 cr.)
***Economics (.5 cr.) Thinking and Learning Strategies (.5 cr.)
Psychology (.5 cr)  Veterinary Science (.5 cr.)
Sociology (.5 cr) Web Design (.5 cr.)
***United States History (1.0 cr.)
***World History (1 cr.)

2023-24 Full-Time Kenosha eSchool Program Student Informational Packet

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