Work Experience/Credit Opportunities

Work experience in high school allows the student to earn credit towards graduation and gain knowledge and skills needed for their post-high school career interests. These opportunities are through:

Student Partnership

Open to Seniors. Students must volunteer 48 hours for.5 credits and 96 hours for 1 credit.  In order to enroll, a student must find a placement, complete the application and turn it in to the assigned counselor. Schedules will/can be adjusted once the application is received.

Youth Apprenticeship Program – YAP

Open to Juniors and Seniors. Students must be enrolled in prerequisite courses and work 450 hours to earn 2 credits.  Click here to learn more and how to register. Why choose an apprenticeship pathway?

A work permit is required for students under the age of 16.  Work permits can be obtained at the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha 1330 52nd Street.  Call 1 (262) 654-6200 for more information.