Apprenticeship Programs are on-the-job training programs often lasting 2-5 years depending on the trade or career path.  During that time, the apprentice is earning a wage and an education through the company from which they were hired. At the completion, the apprentice earns the degree and becomes a professional within their trade/career resulting in higher wages.

Each trade has different qualifications along with a separate procedure. Refer to the links below to start your apprenticeship journey today:


Wisconsin Apprenticeship Finder: Learn about apprenticeship opportunities within all the different trades/careers in Wisconsin including qualifications, wages and procedures.

SE Wisconsin Building and Construction Trades Contact Numbers and Wages :List of SE Wisconsin trade/apprenticeship opportunities including contacts and wages.

Gateway Apprenticeship Opportunities Learn about the apprenticeship opportunities that are supported through Gateway Technical College.  Lists the trades/careers along with the procedures and steps to becoming an apprentice within that field.

Needing a mentor to help prepare for an apprenticeship program? Contact Big Step at 262-619-6560 for assistance.