collage of grades: A+, B, C, D- and F

Link for graduating seniors to request their transcripts:

2023 Senior Final Transcript Request

A transcript is a permanent record of the classes a student has taken and the semester grade earned. It also includes GPA and rank. Transcripts can be Official and Unofficial. Official transcripts are often required when applying to a college. Unofficial transcripts are often acceptable when applying for scholarships; refer to guidelines for each specific scholarship to determine if an official or unofficial transcript is required.

How to request an Official Electronic Transcript

Click HERE to log in to Xello to request an electronic transcript be sent automatically to a college (ACT/SAT scores cannot be sent electronically). Confused with how to find transcripts on Xello? Then click HERE for help. *If the place you need to send an official transcript to is not listed in Xello, you will need to request an official paper transcript and send it yourself.

How to request an Official Paper Transcript

Click HERE or go to room 152. *Be sure to use your Bradford student google email when making requests. Reasons you may need to request a paper copy:

  • You want a paper copy for yourself
  • The college/organization you want to send an official transcript to is not listed through Xello

*The transcript needs to be picked up from room 152 and will need to be mailed out by the student.

How to request an Unofficial Transcript

Contact your counselor.

Are you a former student of Bradford?

Click here for further instruction to request a transcript.