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Indian Trail News

  • ITHSA Tutoring – Are you a student who needs tutoring? Use this link:
  • 60th Street Open: Now that access to Indian Trail is open to the West on Hwy K, please exercise patience as our traffic patterns adjust. We have a lot of students who drive themselves to school and the majority of them will enter and leave on 60th street. With weather conditions changing and so many distractions that all drivers have around them, please pay close attention, go slow, and try avoid any unnecessary conflicts as you come to school or leave for home. If you have a child who drives to school, please encourage them to do the same.
  • SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING: If you hear or see someone exhibiting the behaviors listed in the flyer, please notify a parent, teacher, principal, counselor, police officer or any other trusted adult. Your sharing could save the lives of others. If you see or hear something, say something! Wisconsin’s Act 311 generally states that any individual who makes real or false claims regarding shootings, bomb threats or to cause any other bodily harm to others is guilty of a Class I felony. Any form of threat against the school, staff or students will be taken seriously and disciplinary action will be imposed if someone is guilty of such threats.

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