Special Education


The Special Education Department provides services based upon individual needs of each student through an Individual Education Plan developed by a team of professionals along with the parents and the student.
Academy special education students are included in a cross-curricular program within the Biotech, Business, Communication, or Military Academies. Since the academy philosophy stresses interdisciplinary coursework across the academic and elective classes in each academy, special education students participate in each of these classes as well. Special education services are provided in some general education classrooms, and we provide a Resource Room staffed with special education personnel where students may receive additional assistance.

High school special education students enrolled in the general studies program have the opportunity to participate in the wide variety of classes provided by Indian Trail High School. In addition, smaller, specialized classes are available for the subjects of English, math and Learning Strategies, and enrollment in these classes is determined by a student’s IEP.

For a smaller number of special education students, Indian Trail offers CDS programming. This provides the eligible student with the opportunity to learn academics, social skills, pre-vocational and vocational skills, and daily living skills through community-based instruction in order to enable the student to function at his/her most independent level. Enrollment in the CDS program is based upon teacher recommendation and determined by a student’s IEP team.

Additional special education services are provided on an individual basis by our transition coordinator, school psychologist, school social worker, and speech/language teacher.

Special Education School Coordinators

Janice Boettcher
Nancy Broesch

Special Education Department Staff

Abigail Barrett
Lakshmi Bhadrachalam
Katie Briggs
Jaime Easton
Jody Folkers
Joyce Franklin
Louise Haschker
Rachel Heidel
Paul Hoffman
Steven Los
Courtney Marshall
Priscilla Mogensen
Eric Nyberg
Lane Ochs
Peter Payne
Ashley Phillips
Dori Spata
Erika Vite
Shane Weisenbeck
Cindy Wilkinson
Emily Winter

Warren Wolchuk