Business Education


The Business Academy at ITA offers students the chance to take the first step towards a professional future in business. Whether you are interested in starting up your own business or taking a position in one of the top corporate firms in America, the Business Academy is an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience. Our teaching staff prepares students for personal finance and how to overcome the obstacles in real-life scenarios. Being a part of the Business Academy is a fun and unique way to see how advertising and sponsorships work in our Marketing and Business classes.

As part of the Business Academy, students will have the chance to succeed in the popular school store. Named “Hawk Shop”, our school store gives students the opportunity to manage and operate in an actual retail store. Students order the merchandise, assist in the distribution process, work as security, handle cash transactions on a register, and even manage the staff! It is overseen by our teaching staff and is an excellent way for students to gain practical hands-on experience.

The Business Academy offers the students the opportunity to join a student organization, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA). This groups is designed to allow students to compete against other schools in “business-like” discussions and debates, attend leadership conferences, and take part in numerous community service projects. You will gain endless relationships with your classmates by completing a variety of activities. DECA involvement looks great on college applications and resumes for the future.

We take pride in our success to educate and build our students’ knowledge for the business world. Our teachers work hard to help the students achieve success and their personal goals. We welcome students with endless creativity and excellent leadership skills!


  • Heather Belke
  • Mike Fiedler
  • Rebecca Hornik
  • Scott Sandberg