About Indian Trail High School and Academy

Indian Trail High School & Academy houses two different educational opportunities for students in Grades 9-12.

  • Indian Trail Academy is a magnet high school with four different career academies: Medical Sciences, Business, Kenosha Military, and Communications. Students may choose an academy on the High School Selection form and are admitted to academy programs through a lottery system. Students must apply to the Academy and can live anywhere within KUSD.
  • Indian Trail High School is a comprehensive or traditional high school, and students must live within the Indian Trail boundary to attend.

School Highlights

  • An amazing facility that serves as a place for all students to achieve academic growth, career readiness, and social responsibility through rigorous academics, diverse learning experiences, and positive relationships.
  • Hosts numerous award-winning clubs and activities with the flexibility to create new clubs based on changes in student interest. First eSports club in the region was created in 2020.
  • Home to one of the largest LINK Crew programs in the state, a world class fine arts program, and excellent athletic programs/facilities which all combine to generate widespread school spirit among its school community.
  • Tech-savvy school giving each and every student in its unique, diverse and talented student body access to the latest technology.
  • Graduating senior classes are typically offered more than $7 million in scholarship opportunities each year, and many seniors go on to study at top-rated colleges and universities throughout the nation.
  • Multiple pathways in career and technical education for students to earn articulated college certifications prior to graduating from high school.
  • Home to four amazing choice academies that blend in as part of the Indian Trail family: Business, Medical Science, Communications, and JROTC for our Military Academy


Indian Trail is a place where all students achieve academic growth, career readiness, and social responsibility through rigorous academics, diverse learning experiences and positive relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the academy separate from the comprehensive high school?  Partially.  Even though IT is one school, the academies are a niche where smaller schools exist within one large school.  Students experience much of their day in courses where only their particular academy peers are enrolled, creating a great sense of belonging while participating in unique thematic -based courses.  Some courses are blended within the building regardless of programming – P.E., math, music, AP, Chinese and Spanish. If an honors option is available for these blended courses, academy students may take an honors section and receive the honors weight.
  • Is there a separate academy graduation? No, there is one large graduation but academy students sit and receive their diplomas by academy.  They also have a separate valedictorian and salutatorian from the comprehensive program.
  • Can I take AP courses?  Yes, you can take AP courses if you are in the academy and have the ability to earn an Honors Distinction diploma for taking 4 credits of AP. 
  • What are the terms in the contract I will sign if I accept an academy placement?  The contract is in place to maintain the integrity of the academy program and is an agreement to take all prescribed courses for four years.  Terms include stipulations for attendance, behavior, and academic progress. If the terms are not being met, interventions will be put in place for desired improvement. If violations of the contract continue, students may be removed from the academy and placed back at their boundary schools.  
  • Can I take non academy courses or choose electives offered in the comprehensive program?  No, except for the blended courses mentioned above, but not in place of the academy program requirements.
  • What are encore courses?  They are courses that would be electives but are prescribed courses in the academy related directly to the theme of the particular academy.  Encore courses make each academy a unique program and must be taken by all students enrolled.
  • Why aren’t there honors sections in academy-specific courses? It is understood that the academy program is geared toward college prep within the area of study you chose per academy.  When your college transcript is sent, a letter goes with it indicating you have chosen a college prep program, thus meaning all academy courses have the rigor universities value.
  • Are there different graduation requirements for academy students?  No.  All courses in the academy apply to graduation requirements, which are the same for all KUSD students.
  • Who eats lunch together?  Lunch is shared with all grade levels, all programs.
  • Where do I play sports?  Anyone who attends Indian Trail plays sports for IT. 
  • How do I get to school if I am not in the IT boundary? All non-boundary academy students get a city bus pass to navigate to school. 
  • If I’m in one academy and don’t like it, can I switch to another academy and stay at IT? No, you must decide if you want to remain in the academy or be placed back at your boundary school.
  • How many students are in each academy? We invite approximately 230 9th graders into the academy program each year through the lottery.
  • Is there a fee to be in any of the academy programs? There is a minimal fee of approximately $30 for Academy students issued laptops or Ipads each year.  KMA students pay a $25-$35 range fee for sweatshirts and are required to maintain their uniforms, which may include a fee for dry cleaning.