At Tremper, the Student Services Office is a busy place, serving students and parents for a variety of reasons.  School Counselors serve three primary roles in working with your child.

The Role of the School Counselor

  1. Academic/Educational:  Counselors work with students, parents and faculty to develop a plan that meets a student’s academic needs and interests.  Counselors work collaboratively with other professionals to identify barriers and assist students who are experiencing academic difficulties.
  2. Career/Vocational:   Counselors assist students in the development of plans for post high school training and education.
  3. Personal/Social:  Counselors assist students in dealing with challenging life situations which may impact their success at school.  Counselors work closely with other student support staff in addressing these issues.

Ways to meet with your Tremper counselor:

  1. Students can walk in to meet with their counselor during passing periods or after school.
  2. Students can use E-Hall pass to request an appointment or if needed, email their counselor and a meeting can be arranged.


Tremper Counselor assignments

Counseling Meetings with Students: Counselors see students formally and informally throughout their four years in high school.

Meet the Counselor Team…..

Lauren Johnson

Assistant Principal

lauren johnson
Terri Hujik


Matt Kellner


Sarah Sallese


Samantha Rodriguez


Paul Kellner


Matt Kellner Sarah Sallese Sami Rodriguez Paul Kellner
262-359-2208 262-359-2207  262-359-2219  262-359-2210 262-359-2212

Samantha Delgado


Barb Huss

Registrar / Records

Samantha Delgado Barbara Huss
262-359-2218 262-359-2205