Special Education

Our Philosophy…..

The general philosophy of special education is that all people have the ability to learn, regardless of their particular disabilities. The trend in public education has shifted from isolating special education students in separate classrooms to mainstreaming them in the regular classroom for at least part of the day. This is in keeping with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) mission to achieve full integration and participation in society of people with disabilities by ensuring equal opportunity and access to, and excellence in, education, employment, and community living.


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Program Support Teachers

Katie DeBartolo Holly Modory
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Case Managers

Nate Allemand Eric Hopkins Mike Koslica
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Jill Sanfilippo  Wendy Batten-Morrey Nicole Froehlich Tessa Thompson Jenny Krass
 Psychologist Speech Social Worker Social Worker Transition
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Nathaniel Brockman

Classroom Teachers

David Bell Troy Hardy Ryley Harlow Jeremy Kalbfell Matthew Kauffman
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Charmayne Lewis Kelly Marschel Karin McCarville Alicia Meyer Kendra Richter
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Christine Rudynski Ameilia Seitz Brice Slamann Alicia Troxell Sue Watring
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David Weiser Melissa Whitaker Kimberly Worcester
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