Our Philosophy…..

Throughout their years at Tremper High School, students progress through an investigation of life, physical, earth, and environmental sciences, and the connections between science and technology, and science and everyday life.   Science is primarily concerned with understanding how the natural world works.  It is fueled by our curiosity and asking of questions.  Our willingness to investigate leads to evidence-based answers, explanations, recognition of broad cross-cutting concepts, and new questions to investigate.   Evidence and concept development come from observations, hands-on investigations, and research of current scientific knowledge.  We communicate in Science by talking and listening, and by reading and writing – text and drawings – in order to demonstrate prior knowledge and the development of new ideas.  Students are encouraged to work collaboratively and independently, and to evaluate each others’ claims, question assumptions, and weigh the validity of conclusions.  The ability to think like a scientist about our world will prepare our students to be responsible citizens and critical thinkers ready to take on the challenges of our changing planet.


Course Offerings

Science Course Pathway Map

Analise Biddle Christy Bradley Barb Dawson Michael Maxson
262-359- 262-359-3360 262-359-3352 262-359-3375
Andrew Hayes Amanda Nickel Ryan Schultz Valerie Stone Val Taylor
262-359-3316 262-359-3494 262-359-3313 262-359-3351 262-359-3346