Teacher Weekly Classroom Agenda

This page contains the most current information of each Tremper teachers weekly student agenda.  Based on the daily flow of the class and the students daily progress, teachers may be making live updates.  Be aware agendas are always subject to change, but are a great source of information to help us work together to assist in our students learning.

Click on your teacher and what course they teach to view each classes agenda.

Name Department Course  Course  Course  Course 
Mrs. Amborn Choir Treble Choir Chorale  Concert Choir Men   

Concert Choir Women

Ms. Becker English Perspectives World Lit Honors
Mr. Beem Social Studies Government Economics AP Government
Ms. Betker Business Personal Finance Starting A Business Leadership Intro to Business
Ms. Biddle Science AP Chemistry Honors Chemistry
Mrs. Blise Family & Consumer Ed Clothing/Textiles Culinary Life Skills and Relationships
Mrs.Bosovich Math Algebra 2 AP Calculus BC
Mrs.Bradley Science Anatomy AP Environmental Science Ecology
Ms.Breitenbach Orchestra Symphonic Orchestra Concert Orchestra
Ms. Brown Social Studies Government & Politics World History
Mrs. Cash Family Consumer Science Exploring Health Occupations (Sem #2) Intro to Med Terms Culinary Basics Interior 1 
Mrs.Castineyra Math Honors Pre-Calc Geometry Foundations of Algebra
Mrs. Chase Spanish Spanish 4 AP Civilization and Culture
Mrs. Church Art Intro to Art Draw/Paint/Print AP 3-D Studio Ceramics Sculpture & Metal

Ceramics Sculpture & Metal 2

Mr. Cicerale Theatre/English Acting Drama Survey Lit & Comp Honors
Mr. Corcoran Math Geometry Algebra 1 Prob and Stats
Mrs. Covelli Art Intro to Art Photography 1 Photography 2 AP 2-D Design
Mr. Cushman Technology Education Consumer Auto Automotive 1 Automotive Collision Small Engine Repair
Mrs. Dawson Science Chemistry Biology
Mrs. Drews Family Consumer Science Developing Child 1 Global Cuisine Early Childhood Education
Mr. Ekstrom Math Honors Geometry Algebra 2
Mr. Gallo Social Studies US History World History
Mrs. Gapinski Art Intro to Art Drawing
Mr. Goettge Social Studies AP US History US History
Ms. Gomez ELL ELD2
Mr. Hardy Social Studies World History
Mr. Harlow STRIDE US Government English US History
Mr. Hayes Science Matter and Energy AP Physics 1 Conceptual Physics
Mr. Hoeksema Physical Education Health Physical Education
Mr. Kalbfell English English 10
Mr. Kauffman Science Biology
Mrs. Keelin ELL ELD1
Ms. Korbas Social Studies AP Psychology World History
Mrs. Leden English Perspectives World Lit 
Mrs. Lee English Survey Lit Reading Fundamentals
Mrs. Lewis Social Studies US History
Mr. Marschel Math Algebra 1 Math Fundamentals
Mr. Maxson Science Biology Biology Honors
Mrs. McCarville Daily Agenda
Mr. McKim Social Studies AP Human Geo World History Ethnic Studies
Mrs. Meyer English English Reading
Mrs. Miloslavic ELL ELD 3
Mr. Mommaerts English Survey Lit World Lit Honors
Mr. Morris Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2
Mr. Mueller Tech Education Construction 1 Construction 2 Manufacturing 1 Construction Plan
Mrs. Nickel Science Biology Human Biology
Mrs. Notarianni Spanish Spanish 1 Spanish 2
Mrs. Olson English 10th Grade World Perspectives Honors
Mrs. J. Orth English AP Language Survey Lit
Mr. Orth Social Studies AP World History World History
Mrs. Pacetti Business Personal Finance Web Page Design Accounting         

Adv. Accounting

Honors Personal Finance
Mrs. Peregrini Spanish Spanish 2 Spanish 3
Mr. Prozanski Social Studies Sociology Government
Mrs. Redalen Family Consumer Science Culinary Basics Culinary Skills Career/Hospitality
Ms. Richter English World Lit Employability/Vocational Skills Perspectives
Mr. Rideaux Math Algebra 1 Math Applications
Mrs. Ripley Band Wind Ensemble Symphonic Winds Concert Band Symphonic Band                 AP Music Theory
Mr. Rolett French French 1 French 3 Honors French 2 French 2
Mrs. Rudynski Social Studies Sociology
Mr. Schultz Science Chemistry
Mr. Shimon English AP Literature Perspectives
Ms. Sinnen Business Retail Merchandising Marketing
Mr. Skripsky Computer Science/Math AP Stats


Computer Science A Computer Science Principles Exploring Computer Science
Mr. Slamann STRIDE Algebra 1 Biology Communications
Ms. Slana English World Lit (juniors) World Lit (sophomores)
Mrs. Smith Technology Education Principle of Engineering Intro Engineering Design      Intro Design Eng. Tech Civil Engineering & Architecture

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Ms. Steinbrink English Journalism 1 Journalism 2 Honors Survey Lit Honors AP Language
Ms. Stone Science Astronomy Earth Science Chemistry
Mr. Sykora Math Algebra 1
Ms. Taylor Science Honors Biology AP Biology
Mr. Thomas Social Studies Psychology US History
Mr. Topel Math AP Calculus AB
Mrs. Troxell Daily Agenda
Ms. Valeri Physical Education Health Physical Education
Mr. Weiser Science Matter and Energy Ecology
Mr. White English Survey Lit World Lit
Mr. Wihelmson Physical Education Health Physical Education
Mr. Wilson Math Algebra 2 Pre-Calc
Mr. Wisniewski English World Lit Honors Yearbook Honors World Lit
Ms. Worcester Math Geometry Math Apps
Mrs. Zajicek Social Studies AP Psychology  US History
Mr. Zalokar Math Math Applications Geometry
Mrs. Ziccarelli Spanish Spanish 3 Spanish 1