The science department is unique at Indian Trail High School and Academy because it offers a comprehensive science program and offers science classes within the 4 themed academy structures.

Comprehensive High School

All science students at Indian Trail in order to graduate must attain three science credits. The comprehensive high school, or ITHS, offers the following science classes:

  • Honors Biology and Biology
  • Honors Chemistry and Chemistry
  • Honors Physics and Physics
  • Honors Anatomy and Physiology
  • Ecology
  • Human Biology
  • Honors Geology and Geology
  • Astronomy
  • Forensic Science
  • Matter and Energy
  • AP Biology (applies two credits towards the 4 credit honors with distinction diploma)
  • AP Chemistry (applies two credits towards the 4 credit honors with distinction diploma)
  • AP Physics (applies two credits towards the 4 credit honors with distinction diploma)

State law requires that every graduating senior have a life science credit, so it is recommended that all freshman take biology or honors biology.

Science Department Guidelines for General Studies

Academy Science

The Business and International Studies, Communications and Kenosha Military Academy offer three science credits that include the following: Biology, Chemistry and Geoscience/Astronomy. An academy student may also take physics, AP Biology and AP Chemistry as an elective credit as their schedule allows.

The Biotech/Medical Sciences Academy is designed for the student who plans on attending a two or four year college and offers students the opportunity to take science classes which focus on the field of medicine. Students will take accelerated biology, accelerated chemistry, animal survey, laboratory techniques, genetics, forensics, anatomy and physiology, accelerated physics, AP Biology or AP Chemistry or AP Physics.

Science Department Staff

Andrea Baumgart
Amy Bosetter
Staci Braya
Patrick Connors
Daniel Dennis
Christina Massicotte-Kollar
Patrick Metzler
Tracy Metzler
Cara Pfeiffer
Helen Rose
Matthew Schmus
Lauren Van Hoof
Steven Wright