Student Contract

* The Student Contract Form should be filled out online, initialized by student, signed by parent and electronically submitted- through Adobe Sign. Please note that the form will not be submitted until email address is confirmed through confirmation email sent via Adobe Sign. Once email address is confirmed the signed Student Contract will be emailed to Kenosha eSchool Program and a copy is sent to the confirmed email address.
Student Contract Kenosha eSchool Program – Fillable Adobe Sign Form

Student Contract for Kenosha eSchool Program Courses

Access to the technology utilized by Kenosha eSchool Program courses imposes certain responsibilities and obligations. It demonstrates respect for
physical and intellectual property, system security protocols, and individuals’ rights to privacy as well as freedom from intimidation,
harassment, and unwarranted annoyance. All district technology policies apply in this learning environment. These policies are available on
the district websites. Please refer any questions to the local district contacts.

Acceptable Use Policy

  1. I will use resources provided for eSchool courses for authorized purposes only.
  2. I will use only legal versions of copyrighted software in compliance with licensing agreements.
  3. I will use appropriate and respectful language in all communications. Inappropriate language or messages will not be tolerated.
    eSchool staff will determine whether language and/or messages are inappropriate. Abuse of the program expectations could
    lead to dismissal.
  4. I and/or my parents are liable for any improper use of the Internet and/or email. I understand that anything done on the
    computer can be retrieved and printed at any time. My email, chat, whiteboard and discussion privileges may be restricted or
    removed. My course email accounts should be used for class purposes only. I am expected to protect the privacy of students
    and staff and not publish or distribute email addresses outside of the class members. Any improper use will result in loss of use
    of district equipment and services. I will follow rules, written and implied, pertaining to Internet etiquette (Netiquette) and
    communicate respectfully to all people. I will not attempt to bypass security protocols.

Academic Integrity Policy

  1. I have read and understand the Kenosha eSchool Program Academic Integrity Policy. I understand and agree that all work submitted
    must represent my original ideas, and/or I will appropriately cite all relevant sources if it is not completely original. Failure to do
    so can result in receiving a failing grade for the assignment and possibly for the course. I may be required to complete the
    assignment without credit in order to continue in the course.
  2. I understand that no one other than me can complete any portion of an assignment, activity or exam or make revisions to an
    assignment, activity or exam. Doing so may result in a failing grade and my immediate removal from the course.

Assessments and Finals

  1. I understand that I may be assigned proctored assessments: oral quizzes in person or on the phone and/or be asked to
    discuss the process used in research for a project or paper. These are standard assessment tools in online courses. In
    addition, most high school courses have a proctored semester exam (final) or culminating activity.
  2. I understand that if I am not able to pass the final exam (high school) with at least a 60%, credit will not be awarded for the
    course no matter what grades I earned throughout the course, unless knowledge of content can be substantiated.

Drop Window and Trial Period

  1. I understand that online courses may not be a good fit for everyone. I may drop the course on or before 21 days from the date
    of my enrollment without consequence. If I choose to drop the course after that date, I will receive an F for the course.
  2. I have read and understand the Academic Probation and Drop Policy, and know that I may be administratively dropped for
    reasons including: not meeting minimum attendance requirement, non-performance, lack of progress, failure to comply with
    policies/procedures, and counselor/administrator recommendation.

Course Progress Expectations

  1. Attendance for my eSchool Program course is measured by successfully completed assignments and activities, participation in
    discussion threads and any other teacher directed activities.
  2. I understand that all assigned work needs to be completed according to the Due Dates set on my Pace Chart. I need to plan
    and work ahead if family or personal activities will limit course activities at any given time. If technical problems occur, I am
    expected to work those out during that first week by contacting my teacher and accessing the technical support. If I have
    questions regarding the content, I should communicate frequently with my online teacher.
  3. I understand that any assignments submitted beyond the due date may be subject to the KUSD Grading Policy regarding late
    work and may not receive full credit. Blank or extremely weak submissions are not considered submitted assignments and a
    teacher can request resubmission.
  4. I understand that I am expected to communicate with my teacher on a regular basis.


Student Contract Kenosha eSchool Program – Fillable Adobe Sign Form

Student Contract for Kenosha eSchool Program Courses Printable PDF