Advisory–Grade 9

Introduction to Advisory for Grade 9
Advisory was created to help support and guide full-time 9th grade eSchool Program students. Each student is assigned to an advisor whose role includes the following:

  • To help monitor and further the students’ academic progress.
  • To help the student develop and maintain relationships that will assist you throughout your eSchool Program career.
  • To help the student identify and develop the necessary attitude, behaviors, and skills to succeed in school, college, and life.
  • To provide the student with the resources, contacts, and information necessary to successfully navigate your eSchool Program experience.

Advisory Team:

Kim Gorman                          262-359-7764             

Brook Greno                         262-945-9903             

Donna Murray                      262-945-3408             

Lily Stasik                              262-818-2084             

  • Introducing–Xello–Grades 6–12 create their very own, unique roadmap for future success—enabling them to discover their own personalized pathway through self-knowledge, exploration and planning. Xello is aligned to Academic and Career Planning (ACP). This link will provide information on Xello and provide guidelines for what students should be completing at each grade level. This tool is a great way for students to build self-knowledge by taking interest inventories, exploring options and careers, and help in creating a plan for their future.
  • Please read Directions for logging into Xello / Logging into Xello