Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to enroll in eSchool courses?

Any Kenosha Area School District student grades K – 12 may request enrollment in eSchool courses.

Special consideration may be given to students with significant life obstacles: i.e. dropouts, adjudicated and/or incarcerated youth, teen parents, home-based (home-bound) students, students with physical, mental or emotional difficulties, voluntarily withdrawn or expelled students, self-supporting youth, transient students, students in treatment programs, and homeschooled students.

Kenosha Unified School District residents who have not completed their graduation requirements and have not reached the age of 21 are eligible to take courses through Kenosha eSchool whether or not they are attending any other district school.

Here are some common situations for choosing eSchool as an option:

  • Part-Time or Full-Time Options
  • AP & Honors Students
  • Free Up Time in Current Schedule
  • Competitive Athletes
  • Relieve Scheduling Conflicts
  • Credit Recovery/Credit Deficient
  • Gain Online Experience
  • Traveling Students
  • Relocated Military Families
  • Home-based (home-schooled) high school students (up to 2 classes in the district per year per Policy 5240).

Find out more program information in our virtual policy section.

What are the NCAA requirements?

Please visit our page on NCAA requirements or the NCAA High School Portal

Do eSchool Courses count toward graduation?

Yes, Grade 9-12 eSchool core and elective courses do count toward KUSD graduation requirements.

When is the enrollment window for Kenosha eSchool?

We offer rolling enrollment during the regular school year.  This means that students can start courses with us at any time from the start of the school year until shortly after the beginning of Quarter 4, as long as space is still available in the requested course(s).

How can an online course not have space available? 

Each of our online courses is taught by a content-certified teacher.  Once the teacher has reached his or her enrollment capacity (the maximum number of students he or she can effectively accommodate), we start waitlists for all courses within that teacher’s subject area.

How do I drop a course?

Part Time Students may drop a course without a grade within 21 days of their enrollment.   To drop a course, please contact the Kenosha eSchool office at 262-359-7715.  The following is required to drop a course:

  1. Drop request must be within 21 days/three weeks (or extenuating circumstances)
  2. Parent/Guardian Permission (if the student is under 18)
  3. Counselor Permission

Full Time eSchool Students–Contact Ms. Gorman for any schedule changes.

I started a course at my current school, but then I decided to drop it in order to take it at eSchool.  Does my previously completed coursework transfer to eSchool?

No.  Partially completed courses at other schools in will not transfer to eSchool.  Once a student enrolls in a course with eSchool, he or she will start the course at the beginning of the requested segment (0.5 credit).  If a final grade (D- or better) is earned for a course at another school, that mark and credit will remain on the student’s transcript, and the student would not need to repeat the course or segment of the course with eSchool.

I was a full time Kenosha eSchool student, but exited to non-performance and failing grades.   What is the process to return as a full time student?

Full time students who are exited from Kenosha eSchool due to non-performance and/or failing grades must return to their boundary school.    Students wishing to become full time eSchool students again must first successfully complete and pass a course with us as a part time student, while attending full time at their boundary school.   Upon successful completion of a course, the student would be considered for full time enrollment when a spot becomes available.  If a waitlist for full time enrollment is active, the student would be enrolled full time when available spots open according to the waitlist.