Maple Tree Planting

Hillcrest Graduations 2022



SOAR Program

Six new trees donated to Hillcrest arboretum and disc golf course

About Hillcrest

Hillcrest School, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, offers two programs for students who have experienced difficulties in traditional settings.

TheĀ Bridges Center provides an alternative for High School and Middle School students who have been expelled and need to address behavioral as well as academic concerns. TheĀ T.I.M.E. Program address the needs of special education students who have not been behaviorally successful in other special education settings or who are transitioning back to the community from out of home placements.

Both programs utilize a philosophy known as the Circle of Courage which includes helping students develop in 4 areas: Belonging, Mastery, Independence and Generosity.We work closely with Community Impact Programs, a not for profit social services agency, who provide youth outreach workers to help students in addressing community and behavioral needs.Both programs provide a small setting, with teachers who work at both the High School and Middle School level and may need to a wide range of courses in both a teacher led style and independent study support (the independent study courses includes a computer based software program).

Hillcrest also incorporates Service-Learning, which is an educational method that entwines the threads of experiential learning and community service. It meets educational objectives through real-world experiences, while tapping youths as resources to benefit their schools and communities.