Arboretum & Disc Golf Project

Some content specific projects that students participate in and why…

  • English – Students have successfully collaborated with staff to write of two grants totaling $7,200 in funds.
  • Environmental Science – Our students are learning how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and combat global warming and prepare to pass on that in ways that they can teach younger students.
  • Math – Students were involved in the design development of the golf course.

Wisconsin State Standards

  • G.12.5 Choose specific problems in our society, identify alternative scientific or technological solutions to that problem and argue its merits.
  • G.8.5 Investigate a specific local problem to which there has been a scientific or technological solution, including proposals for alternative courses of action, the choices that were made, reasons for the choices, any new problems created, and subsequent community satisfaction.
  • Solve real life and mathematical problems using numerical and algebraic expressions equations.

Layout of KUSD’s Hillcrest Disc Golf Course

aerial map of Hillcrest disc golf course

Learn more about the Hillcrest Disc Golf Course at UDisc

The Future = Level 4 Arboretum

design document of Hillcrest arboretum