Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is a program that was made in conjunction with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s office. Students who attend this program are incarcerated with the Kenosha County Detention Center. In order to attend the school, the students are required by the jail to be at a specific level. This level corresponds to their behaviors while in class and everywhere in the jail. If they are in segregation they are not allowed in school until they bring their levels back up.


  • ITED preparation
  • AIS credits
  • Bookwork due to limited computer allowances in jail


When a student gets incarcerated in KCDC, the teachers will pick them up as part of their class. The teachers will then send an email to the school/specific teacher that the student had up to that point. They will ask for academic information.

When the student is being released, the teachers will screen the student through the Screening Committee and communicate with receiving schools. At this point they will share the above information with them. If it is the end of the semester, they will issue grades and send receiving schools what the student has completed.

If the student has an IEP, the teacher will do a Review/Revise when the student enters the Phoenix Project. When they return to their home school, we will do a Review/Revise at intake.