Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is special about Expeditionary Learning?

  • A joint emphasis on character and academics.
  • A high quality, coherent and relevant program for professional development.
  • Highly effective instruction and assessment practices are used on a regular basis.
  • A strong sense of moral purpose.
  • Continuing relationships with a growing system of improving schools around the country.
  • ELOB schools breathe life into a standards-based curriculum.
  • College Prep (Counseling, ACT/ SAT tutoring).
  • Community partnerships (guest speakers, instructors, junior internship).
  • Learning intensives (highly specific elective opportunities for credit).
  • Outward bound experiences (instructional experiences away from school).
  • Crew (daily opportunities for personal growth).

2. Is Expeditionary Learning researched based?

  • Yes, the principles and practices underlying Expeditionary Learning are supported by a significant research base. Expeditionary Learning’s program has established one of the most positive track records of any school improvement effort begun within the past fifteen years.

3. Can students that attend Harborside Participate in extra curricular activities?

  • Yes, in the same manner as ITA and LTA students. Harborside students will be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities at their attendance area high school.
  • Club sports and activities will also be available at Harborside for interested students.

5. How is a learning expedition different from a learning theme?

  • A learning expedition is a form for actively and deeply learning important things, of having an experience of them: in some instances, a theme, or central question can serve as a starting point for a learning expedition.

6. How does instruction change in an EL school?

  • It implies high expectations for all students. It becomes more active, more engaging, and more individualized. It makes more use of teams and group support. It’s more connected to the real world.

7. Will Harborside students be able to participate in fine arts programming?

  • Yes, art electives will be available through the scheduling process.
  • Performing music and choir will also be available.

8. Is Harborside the school where all the learning is done on line?

  • No, that is the E-school. Many people are confusing them, as they are both new. These programs are not related.
  • Students that attend Harborside will be expected to attend on a daily basis, just like students at Bradford and Tremper.

9. Is there a uniform requirement?

  • No, however, students will be asked to adhere standard KUSD dress code.

10. What if I have a younger brother or sister? Can they get in?

  • Yes, the law allows us to accept younger siblings before a lottery process so that parents have the choice to have all of their children at one school.

11. What else makes Harborside Different?

  • All Harborside students are required to pass a character grade for each class. Students that do not pass the character grade can not receive credit for a course.
  • There is no “D” in the Harborside grading scale. We are a college prep program. Scores below 70% will be an F.
  • Classes in 9th and 10th grade do not use the four by four block scheduling format. Core classes are all year long, one hour a day.