Parents Need to Help!

The costs of higher education are expensive and virtually all students need to go on to higher education to help secure her/his future. There are numerous sources of financial assistance to help students and their families with the costs of higher education. Securing these monies will require parents and guardians to get involved and help their student secure financial assistance. PARENTS AND GUARDIANS, IF YOU WANT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE YOU MUST GET INVOLVED NOW! YOU MUST HELP YOUR DAUGHTER OR SON MAKE APPLICATIONS, WRITE LETTERS, SECURE REFERENCES, AND FILE PAPER-WORK AND APPLICATIONS ON TIME!Mrs. Anderson (359-8952) is an excellent source of information to get you started. Any Senior going onto higher education needs to be actively involved now in making applications to colleges and universities and making applications for grants, scholarships, and loans to attend school next school year. If you are not actively involved in this process by early November you are LATE. Parents and guardians your daughter/son needs your active involvement; they can not do this alone.

Specific Learning Disabilities Notification for Schools as Required by PI 11.36(6)(c)2

The rule requires KUSD to notify all parents of students enrolled in a school at least ten calendar days before that school begins using progress monitoring data from a student’s response to intensive, scientific, research based or evidence based intervention to determine insufficient progress for initial specific learning disability (SLD) evaluations. This provision ensures the information will reach all parents of students enrolled in the school.

Once KUSD begins using this method for determining insufficient progress for any student enrolled in the school being evaluated for SLD, KUSD must use this method for all SLD evaluations of students enrolled in that school. All schools must use progress monitoring data from intensive interventions to determine insufficient progress for all SLD evaluations of public school students beginning December 1, 2013.