From the Principal’s Desk

We all are acutely aware of the economy and the impact it is having on the job market and our standard of living. Although there has been a slight drop in the need for engineers the demand is still much higher than the supply. The demand has declined from 114,000 engineers of all types to enter the job market each year to 111,000. The colleges of engineering are still putting out only 64,000+ engineers per year. Depending upon the type of engineer the demand has not decreased. Medical fields are the only fields topping engineering. The need for engineers will not decrease and the supply needs to keep up. Engineering is a solid field to enter and preparing for the field of engineering begins with a student’s freshmen year. Lake View is affiliated with thirty-four colleges of engineering with LakeView’s affiliation with Project Lead The Way, a nationally recognized pre-engineering curriculum accepted for credit by the thirty-four colleges of engineering. Engineering is a very rewarding field to enter and the opportunities are ripe for students who apply her/his talents and skills. The field of engineering for a female is every greater than that of a male engineer. If you are talented in mathematics and science maybe you need to check out an engineering program at LakeView.

The fields of Automated Manufacturing System and Information Technology Systems is still strong on a national basis. When the recovery occurs these two fields will have demand far outstrip supply. An associate’s degree will take you a long way in either of these two fields. The wage prospects and mobility to move around the country and be gainfully employed in these two fields is strong in some parts of the country at present and will be at a high pitch when the economy gets back to a growth economy. These may not be the fields you wish to pursue but if they are you should be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. Take your education at LakeView serious and apply your talents, you will find that your high school career will pay off in a life time skill.