Adult Education Program & Skill Building

KUSD High School Competency Diploma (Graduation Test)

The Adult Education Program helps students who want to graduate through Kenosha Unified School District’s Competency Diploma option. Students work independently at their own pace with help from the teachers to complete all requirements. Students also study, review, and prepare to take the graduation test. Students work with the classroom teacher to establish a schedule that will help the student be successful. In order to increase a student’s ability to pass the graduation test (ITED) students must attend regularly, work hard, and study.

What is the High School Competency Diploma?

It is an alternate way to graduate for students who meet all requirements and pass the Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED). With this diploma graduates can go to college, join the military or go directly to work. However, the diploma may not be accepted by all colleges, trade schools, apprenticeship programs, or branches of the military.

How does the program work?

Students in their cohort year who are credit deficient will meet with their counselors to determine credit status and feasibility of graduating by earning credits. Students are required to attend school, study for the test and complete all prerequisites. Students who attend school for test preparation will be subject to all classroom, school, and District policies.

What is Skill Building?

Students in 11th grade who are credit deficient will meet with a counselor to determine credit status and feasibility of graduating through credit acquisition. Eligible students will complete course requirements during their junior year; and will be allowed to take the ITED test in the fall of their senior year to graduate with the Equivalency Diploma.