Application Process

Print, complete, and return Enrollment Application(in Spanish) to Reuther Central High School, Attention: Applications, 913 57th Street, Kenosha WI 53140.

An Interview will be set up once your application is received.

Due to the specialized curriculum, the process of acceptance into choice/magnet high schools includes review of applicant’s records to ensure appropriate placement for student success. Continuation in a choice/magnet program is dependent on the student maintaining performance standards of that program. To be accepted, students must meet the basic entrance requirements for each small school within Reuther Central High School.

Note for current 8th Graders: For students wishing to enter the school immediately following 8th grade, it is strongly recommended that an application be submitted through the student’s current middle school during the second semester (semester prior to 9th grade).  Middle schools request students to select a school at a given time each year, often in February, the names of these students are then provided to high schools.  Reuther Central High School will provide interview opportunities to these students.  Parents are required to attend an overview presentation of the program before acceptance into the school is confirmed.

Small School Application Requirements:

Blended Learning

  • Review of applicant’s transcript/school records
  • Credit requirements review
  • Interview of student


  • Special circumstances requiring modified curriculum/schedule (Health circumstances usually require documentation from a health professional.)
  • Standardized test scores used to predict student academic readiness for independent study curriculum
  • Age 16 or older
  • Reuther administrative/counselor recommendation
  • Interview of student and parent/guardian
  • Parent/guardian consent

Adult Education Program – Adult Learning (Equivalency KUSD High School Diploma)

  • Age 18  (Ideally, students will have taken the test one time prior to enrollment)
  • Reuther student, age 17 (will be 18 by next test date) with parent/guardian permission and administrative approval
  • Test score review
  • Credit requirements review
  • Interview of student