See Dual Credit Opportunities below for information on earning both high school and college credits.
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Career Exploration for students


 is a free web-based tool that allows students to explore their interests and skills that connect them with career aspirations.  Every 6 – 12 grade student across the state of Wisconsin will have an Academic Career Plan (ACP) and be familiar with the tools to make informed choices about education after graduation and training as it leads to careers.  Career Cruising is our KUSD tool that students use for this planning.
Students will complete activities that are defined as portfolio standards at each grade level with help from their school counselor and teachers.  These activities will include online learning style inventories, career match ideas, and exploring careers based on the education after graduation they desire.  The activities will also include creating a personal portfolio, interacting with a person in their career interest and attending career-based experiences the school helps connect.  At every moment in the process, students are encouraged to adjust their career interest based on information they explore and experiences they complete.
Parents/guardians are invited by their child through Career Cruising to view their child’s portfolio.  It allows for meaningful dialogue and an opportunity to work on this online tool together.  Parents can also gain access to the Parent Portal of Career Cruising by contacting the school counselor for an access code.

What is “Dual Credit Opportunities”?

Under two different State of Wisconsin programs, public high school junior and senior students may apply to take college or technical college courses for both high school and college credit. Tuition and books for students enrolled in approved courses will be paid by Kenosha Unified School District. The student must meet the admission requirements set by the participating colleges; courses must meet district-approved guidelines; courses comparable to high school courses will not be approved.

Interested students can explore Early College Credit and/or Start College now by clicking the links below:

Early College Credit Program – Carthage:

Early College Credit Program – Herzing:

Early College Credit Program – University of Wisconsin Parkside:


Start College Now Program – Gateway Technical College:
Gateway New Student Specialist – Patrice Fullilove-McCall,   262-564-2438,   fax: 262-564-2301