Pre-Arranged Absence Form

Student attendance is critical to academic success. We at Mahone Middle School take your child’s attendance very seriously. We meet weekly to look at student attendance and follow up with families. If your child is ill and cannot be at school, please notify our front office at 262-359-8101. You can even call outside of school hours and leave a message. If you forget to call, you can call the next day and let us know your child was excused. If you do not contact us at all, then your child is marked truant. You will receive a letter if your child reaches three truancies and another when they reach five truancies. Truancies can lead to legal issues. Five truancies in a semester can result in a court date.

It is important for your child to be here every day. We understand that sometimes a child is too sick to attend and needs to be excused. By state law, we can excuse ten absences in a school year without doctor’s notes (this includes prearranged absences for vacations). If your child is out of school and sees a doctor, please get a note from the doctor and give it to Mrs. Sinclair in the front office when the child returns to school. This allows us to mark the absence as medical, and it doesn’t count towards the ten allowed excused absences. Any absences without doctor’s notes beyond the ten excused absences are marked unexcused and count as truancies.

We care about your child. If your child is having issues causing them to miss a lot of school, please contact your grade level guidance counselor or myself and make us aware of the situation so we can help work through it together. Above all, we want your child to be safe and successful.