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The Jeffery School Parent / Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Jeffery School Parent / Teacher Organization is comprised of all Jeffery School parents and staff members. The PTO is governed by an elected Board which meets monthly and plans bi-monthly large group PTO meetings. While these meetings are primarily business meetings, they often provide meaningful information to improve student family life. The PTO also sponsors monthly School Spirit/Popcorn Days during which students may purchase freshly popped popcorn and show their school spirit. The annual fundraiser provides revenue to meet budget needs and purchase items to benefit the life of the school.  The PTO is a great way to be involved with your child’s education and contribute to the enrichment of Jeffery’s programs.  It is also a great way to get to know the faculty and staff, as well as the other families that make up our Jeffery community.

The Jeffery PTO…

  • Provides funds to supplement the school’s budget.
  • Works with the school to continually improve the tools and technology available to our kids.
  • Sponsors many fun and enriching events during the school year including our Annual Fall/Halloween Festival and Ice Cream Social.
  • Provides parents with resources to keep them informed of school activities.
  • Is an unlimited source of fun and satisfaction for all those involved.
  • Is a volunteer organization, and can always use your help!

How can you help?

Meet Our Board Members

Jeffery PTO Email:

  • Sammi Hermann- President
  • Cait Herbrechtsmeier- Vice President
  • Becky Settepani- Secretary
  • Amanda Cash- Treasurer
  •  Maria Thomson- Member-at-Large
  • Megan Sharks- Member-at-Large
  • Kelly Gianeselli- Member-at-Large
  • Melinda Duford- Teacher Rep.

Dates to Remember

Check Jeffery PTO Facebook Page

  • Popcorn/Spirit Days: TBA
  • PTO Family Nights at Culver’s on Sheridan- TBD
  • PTO Action Territory Nights- TBA

Jeffery PTO Scholarship

*Completed Scholarships can be mailed to Jeffery School or emailed to

*This scholarship is open to ALL students who have attended Jeffery Elementary for at least 3 FULL years.  Click here:  Jeffery Scholarship

Scholarships are due by March 27, 2024.


“Helping Pave the Way for our Students”

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