About Jeffery Elementary School

School Highlights

  • An excelling academic and nurturing community committed to fostering a safe and diverse environment that promotes progressive thinking and encourages all students to explore their talents and individual interests to reach their full potential through collaborative partnerships among students, staff, parents and community.
  • Active parent teacher organization, which supports after school family events, school spirit activities and more.
  • Strong relationship with surrounding schools, which creates a culture of fun and learning.
  • Extended learning opportunities via field trips, such as Kenosha landmarks, Madison, Discovery World, Milwaukee Zoo, Betty Brinn Museum and trips to Camp Timber-Lee.
  • Award-winning staff utilize building wide, researched-based interventions to provide small-group instruction to supplement classroom instruction and meet the needs of all students.


To ensure that all students learn at grade level or above.


To consistently be a top performing elementary school that is regularly recognized for community service and our kind, collaborative and supportive atmosphere.

Collective Commitments

  • We will develop and respond to common formative assessments to monitor each student’s learning
  • We will initiate individual and small-group instructional programs to provide additional learning time for all students
  • We will work together as a team to utilize most effective strategies to promote success for all students
  • We will be positive, contributing members of all collaborative teams
  • We will teach the essential learning of our agreed-upon curriculum, unit by unit
  • We will use evidence of student learning to inform and improve our practice and to better meet the needs of individual students
  • We will provide parents with resources, strategies and information to help students succeed
  • We commit to creating a safe, nurturing learning environment that promotes social, emotional and academic success

Our School Goals

  • Math MAP Conditional Growth
    • 54% (Baseline of 50%) of Jeffery Students will achieve a Conditional Growth Index of 50% or higher in Math
  • Reading MAP Conditional Growth
    • 50% (Baseline of 43%) of Jeffery Students will achieve a Conditional Growth Index of 50% or higher in Reading
  • PBIS 
    • Jeffery PBIS team will share school-wide behavior data at the end of each quarter


  1. Every day is a fresh start (no matter what happened yesterday)!
  2. This is important!
  3. You can do it with effective effort!
  4. We will not give up on you even if you try to give up on yourself!