The Jeffery Way

You may have heard the phrase “The Jeffery Way” from students or staff here at Jeffery.  Do you know what that means?  It’s our way of defining the expectations of everyone in our school.  We use PBIS, or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports to clearly define our expectations so the students know exactly what to expect.

If you walk down the hall here you will see posters with expectations for hallway behavior.  If you use the restroom, you will see posters there.  Our hope is that anyone walking into our building, kid or adult, will know what to expect in every area  of the building.

Our teachers teach these expectations with lessons that the PBIS team has put together.  These lessons include videos that the staff created, as well as videos the students are now creating.

Check out the video Mrs. Galusha’s class did to show us The Jeffery Way in the classroom: Classroom Expectations

Starting in March of 2017, we are holding monthly assemblies where students will earn a Gremmy Award.  These are given to students for various reasons- most improved, best in class, top 3, etc.  Each month there is a new focus.  March’s focus was Classroom Behavior and you can see who won here:

March 2017