Welcome to Frank Elementary

  • EL Education Design Principles

We have a rich history in Kenosha, first opening our doors in 1895. We have been educating the students in our community for 110 years. In 2011, along with Wilson Elementary School, we opened our doors as the first extended year schools in KUSD. Students enter school in early August, there is a two week break after 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters. We have the same vacation days as the rest of KUSD. During the break after 1st and 3rd quarter, as well as the first two weeks after school is out in June we offer enrichment (pink) weeks. Students can sign up for enrichment classes. This calendar allows students to lengthen the school year and shorten the summer break!

Frank Elementary students loop, this means that they remain with the same teacher for two years (K-1, 2-3, 4-5). So a student will have 3 teachers instead of 6 teachers in elementary school.  It allows us more time to work with students and less disruptions throughout school.

As an EL School our students work through 2 expeditions each year, one based in Science standards and one based on Social Studies standards. Students dig deep into the curriculum, meet experts, go on field work, and create and end product. Each expedition is approximately a semester.