About Frank Elementary School


  • Extended-year school calendar begins in August and has four quarters with two-week breaks built in for optional enrichment courses.
  • Students are required to wear school uniforms, as a cost-effective alternative to set the stage for student equality and enhanced student image.
  • Students remain with the same teacher for two years to allow more opportunities for personalized learning, relationship building and to lessen the stress of transition.
  • Part of a nationwide network of EL Education schools, which gives students the academic and character-building skills needed to reach their potential as learners and leaders.
  • Provides academic support through specially trained staff-led literacy interventions for students struggling in reading, as well as health support by providing fresh fruit and vegetable snacks and programs like Seal-A-Smile, a Frank Neighborhood Project partnership with local dentists.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Frank Elementary School, a community of life-long learners that value diversity, is to educate each student to reach their greatest potential and contribute to society through students, staff, families, and the community working together on engaged learning, meaningful academic and social interventions, and service learning projects.

EL Education

Frank Elementary School is a place where diverse learners show remarkable growth through deeper learning due to our strong partnership with EL Education.

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