Medical Alert

A surprising number of Somers students have very serious allergies to PEANUTS AND OTHER TREE NUTS and LATEX. On behalf of these students and their families, and with genuine concern in mind, we’re asking our families to refrain from sending in peanut products whenever possible. We’re also asking all families to not bring latex balloons into our school for celebrations. A number of our classrooms have been designated as “non-edible treats” and/or “peanut free classrooms.” Classrooms teachers have informed parents at Open House and/or via newsletters of classroom restrictions. If you’re not certain please contact your child’s teacher. We encourage non-edible treats for all our children. Some suggestions may include: Dollar store party favors, decorative pencils, notebooks, markers, pens, stickers, mini books, mini puzzles, sidewalk chalk, a game for the classroom, etc. Please know we’re asking this in the spirit of helping to keep ALL our students safe and healthy. We appreciate your attention to this matter. It’s important that we come together as one large community of learners and work together to keep all our students safe.