Our excellent children, staff members and parents are proud to be members of this Nash School Family for many reasons.  They understand and have embraced the three guiding virtues our mascot “Charlie the Nash Knight” promotes in his shield – KINDNESS, RESPECT, AND HARD WORK.  Our Nash School Family is a wonderfully diverse assemblage of people representing many nationalities, cultures, and religions.  As a school family, we are bound by the common belief that through kindness and respect we will make many friends, enjoy abundant happiness, and maintain a safe, productive school environment.    It’s our aim for all members of our school family to feel welcomed and appreciated.  We also realize that it is only through hard work that we will realize our potential as students, staff members and parents. Thus, the work ethic displayed by members of our Nash School Family is second to none and has become a Nash School Family trait in which we all take great pride.

Our Mission Statement

  • “The mission of Charles W. Nash Elementary, a diverse and collaborative school family, is to empower our children to excel academically and maximize their unique potential by providing best instructional practices and engaging learning opportunities within a loving environment that values kindness, respect, and hard work.”

Our Objectives

  • All of our children will achieve academic excellence by meeting or exceeding District proficiency levels in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.
  • All of our children will participate in innovative enrichment opportunities every year.
  • All of our children will develop and consistently demonstrate the Nash Elementary core values of kindness, respect, and hard work..


  • We will utilize student data to drive the implementation of best instructional practices.
  • We will design and implement creative and rigorous enrichment opportunities.
  • We will implement a plan that fosters the Nash core values, mirroring the life of Charles W. Nash.
  • We will develop and implement plans for ongoing, systematic communication between staff, students, family, and community.

Next Generation/Personalized Learning

Our Next Generation/Personalized Learning program is designed to challenge every child within his/her proximal range of development so that he/she may consistently make optimal academic progress.  Students set goals that are aligned with Common Core standards, and they work with teachers to create and carry out learning plans for meeting those learning targets. Within each Next Generation/Personalized Learning Team, the following three foundational components are present:

  • Learner Profiles – Data-rich learner profiles convey how a student learns best and are used to both create customized learning paths and plan instructional strategies.  They are dynamic, real-time and learner-owned and managed
  • Customized Learning Paths – Each learner follows a unique path based on his/her individual strengths, learning style, and interests. Students work with teachers to set and successfully achieve personalized learning targets
  • Proficiency-Based Progress – Learners must demonstrate knowledge and/or skills prior to advancing along the continuum of Common Core standards and benchmarks

Most of our Next Generation/ Personalized Learning teams are comprised of three general education teachers, one support area professional (Special Education Teacher, English Language Learner Teacher, or Learning Facilitator) and approximately 75 students. Our professional educators work collaboratively to create customized learning paths for our students challenging each within his/her proximal range of development. Through the use of Learner Profiles, our students are discovering what it means to apply auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning strategies. Children develop plans for the application of those learning modalities as they take ownership for their learning and work towards mastery of learning goals in all core academic areas.

Creating a successful Next Generation/ Personalized Learning environment cannot occur without educators who are highly professional, knowledgeable, collaborative, and committed. Much like any other team in areas such as sports or business, the success of each Nash teacher is, to a large degree, contingent upon the success of their teammates. They rely upon each other as they work towards maximizing the potential of our students.

Parent Involvement is Alive and Well At Nash!

Our Nash School Family understands that parent involvement is prerequisite to our children enjoying optimal success. Students, staff, parents, and the community benefit when families are closely connected to the school. Therefore, we are committed to establishing and maintaining healthy partnerships between parents and teachers.  Parents occasionally attend “Academic Support Workshops” so they can learn how best to support their child’s learning at home in ways that coincide with classroom learning objectives. Parents are also welcome to be a part of the school day, assisting with classroom activities, helping with learning centers, project-based learning, and other Personalized Learning endeavors along with aiding in areas such as school safety. Our thriving Nash PTA runs many programs for our school family, including the Reflections Creative Arts Contest, the Science Fair, Family Festivals, Multicultural Fair, Fun Nights Out, Book Fairs, the Father/Daughter Dance, and the Mother/Son Event.  As staff and parents work side by side to bring about these exciting and valuable experiences, a motivated and animated culture of family and community is modeled for our children, encouraging them to develop into strong leaders for today and tomorrow.