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WI Dells 2019 Students of the month Lance Kiwanis Award Winners State Cheer Champions A group of students wearing Live Generously t-shirts and holding a Hands and Hearts on a Mission banner. A group of students holding laundry baskets filled with donatations for Hands and Hearts on a Mission. The Lance orchestra playing music. A large group of students standing in front of the Lance hallway banner. A group of students standing in front of the Lance hallway banner. Lance Ambassadors Lance Transition Coaches

Principal: Mr. Dahlk
Assistant Principal: Mr. Makowka


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Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures
Please click here to review the procedures for dropping your child off in the morning and picking up your child after school. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Dahlk at 359-2240.

Do not drop off your child right when you enter the parking lot. 

All cars must pull forward before allowing your child to exit.

There is no drop-off in the back parking lot (behind the school). This parking lot is for staff parking only.


The Lance drop off and pick up is very busy with over 900 students coming and going at the same time. My recommendation for pick up is to wait 10 minutes and come at 4:05pm to pick up your child. There is a lot lees traffic by this time.

Action Territory Night

September 13 (4-10pm)

Bring your family and firends to support Lance Middle School. Click here for details.


$22 for Soft Cover OR $32 for Hard Cover

Order online at yearbookforever.com, enter Lance Middle School. For cash or check, please bring your payments into the Lance main office (order form)

2020 Washington DC Field Trip (ATTENTION 8th Graders)

ATTENTION all 8th grade students. Click here for information. Contact Ms. Fioravanti if you have any questions. Thank you.

6th Grade Students

Click here to learn more about the annual 6th grade WI Dells field trip.