Endowment Fund

KTEC educates over 1200 students each year! As a charter school within the KUSD public school system, KTEC receives 80% of the regular public school’s per-student allocation and zero tax dollars. Creative fundraising and financial responsibility are exercised; however, we depend on corporate and community partnerships to continue our success. Our Fit for Growth Fund supports three areas vital to KTEC’s mission and growth: Facility Expansion/Modernization – Professional Development/Dissemination – Updating Technology.

Our mission is to engage learners of all types in an innovative and continually evolving learning environment, preparing students for success through academic excellence by use of 21st-century skills, strategic partnerships, and technology integration to prepare for a global society.

Your support allows over 1200 students a year to experience real-world, hands-on, STEM-based learning.

KTEC Foundation is a component of the Kenosha Community Foundation, an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code: EIN #39-6045289

Please contact Rita Davis at rfdavis@kusd.edu if you have any questions regarding the KTEC Gala.

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Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for the 2022 KTEC Gala!

Supporting Sponsors





Gala Support


Gala Donor

Thank you to our Gala Donors, these donations will be listed on our online auction.  The online auction is available to all, it is not only limited to those attending the KTEC Gala.  Further details coming soon on how you can view and begin to plan your bidding!

Road America
Coins Sports Bar
Daily Dose Cafe
Maid Absolutely Clean
Milwaukee Food Tours
Mindful Yoga
YOGArithm Studios
Milwaukee Wave
Milwaukee Brewers
Oak Fire Pizza
Crazy Lazer (Winthrop Harbor)
Timber Hill Winery
Egg Harbor Cafe
Perfect 10 Salon and Spa
Festival Foods
LaMacchia Travel
Forza Food Marketing


Kenosha County Golf
Alpaca Pottery
Gateway Technical College
Wisconsin State Fair
Greenbay Packers
Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee Admirals
CSZ Milwaukee
Dance Works MKE
Harbor Shores Lake Geneva
Chicago Bears
Faded Barbershop for Men
The Brat Stop
Avanti Brothers Wine & Spirit
Snap-on Merchandise
Lili’s Empanadas
Lili’s Crochet Creations
Treasured Teddies
Bellissima Hair Design



Not a KTEC parent? Why should you support KTEC when all schools need help?

KTEC values partnerships for the hands-on, 21st-century experiences they provide. Having experts in their fields volunteer their time and link classroom learning to the real world is immeasurable. Money does little on its own, but it is a necessity.

KTEC faces a different financial struggle than other public schools. We are a part of the Kenosha Unified School District and charge no tuition. Openings are filled by lottery.  As a charter, we are allowed to meet the state standards using our own choice of curriculum, culture, and programs. However;  as a charter school, we only receive 80% of the state funding other schools in our district receive. Not only do we receive less state funding, we pay for our own facilities’ maintenance (and we have two campuses), technology, staff salaries, and professional development.

Yet, our performance is outstanding. Click here to see KTEC’s latest state school report card (PDF).

Your attendance at our Gala and/or donations for our raffle help us continue to provide generations of students prepared for post-secondary education and the workforce.


We will continue our Growth Accelerators Campaign to help provide the needed funds to support our mission of maintaining up-to-date technology & quality learning facilities for all KTEC students! Donate directly to the KTEC Endowment Fund: