Lottery Application

Thank you for your interest in entering your student(s) into the KTEC lottery for the 2024/2025 school year.  Please submit one form for each student you would like to have join us and be sure to read each question carefully.

KTEC Lottery Application

If your student is offered a spot, you will be notified via email by mid-January, 2024.  Once you have received notification of placement, you must accept by January 17, 2024.  You must also complete and submit all required paperwork as soon as possible thereafter.

Please note, you must also register your student(s) online through the KUSD website starting in February 2024.  Not doing so may forfeit your student’s spot at KTEC.  Both KUSD and KTEC require their official paperwork and registration to confirm your student(s) placement.

If your student is placed on the waitlist, there is a chance they can still begin at KTEC in September.   Please call the school office at 262 359 7100 at any time for waitlist updates or any questions you may have regarding the lottery process.