Elementary students learn from the SRA Connections curriculum. It provides students the building blocks of art history, art criticism, and creative expression. This complete visual arts program teaches fundamental instruction in the elements and principles of art. Middle-school students art is structured around the Scott Foresman curriculum. Scott Foresman Art integrates classroom instruction, hands-on activities, and literacy-building experiences to turn on the power of art for all students. This sequential curriculum focuses on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design while introducing students to art history, visual culture, and careers in art.Middle-school students also study the Project Lead the Way Green Architecture module.

Elementary Music

KTEC K-5 students study the Quaver Music curriculum.

Middle School Choir/Music


Classes meet two times a week for a half hour. In choir classes, students will sing with expression, develop a listening ear, master singing rounds, partner songs, and 2 or 3 part harmony, accomplish reading choral music, understand sight reading skills and sing warm-ups with confidence. After all that hard work in class, students will then perform in concerts to show their talents, musicianship and mastery of their choir pieces.

Band (grades 5-8)

Students can start playing a band instrument in 5th Grade. Thirty-minute lessons are taught during the school day once a week.  Mrs. Cook will be coming into the 5th-grade classrooms to demonstrate the band instruments and explain the program in the beginning of the school year. Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades rehearse as a full band several times a week. They have an opportunity to perform at two KTEC concerts, the district wide Band O Rama festival, WSMA Solo and Ensemble, an event where students can play a solo, duet or trio and have a chance to be critiqued and also can earn medals. Students in middle school also have the opportunity to play at a district wide large group festival where the whole band is judged and critiqued.

Orchestra (grades 5-8)


Spanish class is offered to all KTEC middle-school students all school year.   Students will learn cultural aspects of Hispanic daily life, basic Spanish vocabulary, and basic grammar terms.  The main objectives of Spanish for middle school is to help students develop effective communication skills in Spanish through the development of the four basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), while focusing on and critically examining cultural beliefs, values and aspects of everyday life in Spanish-speaking nations. Our learning environment includes interactive projects.