Mr. Taylor Schmit


Hello, I am pleased to introduce myself as the Principal at Forest Park.  Throughout my short time in the district so far, I have been continually impressed with how highly everyone has spoke of the Forest Park students, families, and staff and I am proud to be a part of this learning community.  

I have been passionate about education since my time in high school.  I quickly learned the impact that educators could have on a young person and was driven to share that experience I had with others.  Education provides the opportunity to change lives as it has changed mine.  

I began my path towards education by studying to be a high school Social Studies teacher.  While in college, the events of September 11th occurred and I joined the Army.  This was a life changing event for me for many reasons.  One of the most significant was being introduced to people who came from different backgrounds than I did.  The connections and friendships I made opened me up to a world much larger than I ever would have known existed.

I returned from the military and was blessed to work as a high school teacher for 6 years.  I was always so impressed with how much young adults have to offer and how insightful and intelligent they are.  They helped me grow as a person and a learner.  

Next, I began my work as a principal for 6 years prior to coming to Forest Park.  Being a principal has been the most rewarding experience I have had in my life.  The ability to work with so many students, families, and educators has been incredible.  I am passionate about being part of the greater good that education can provide.

Forest Park has many great programs and I am excited to become part of this learning community.  These last two years have been challenging for students, families, and educators.  I am eager to welcome students, families, and educators back to school.  Though there have been many challenges, I am also proud of the work that has been done.  We have all shown that despite the challenges, we are able to rise to the occasion and come back stronger.  

I look forward to getting to know more about what it means to be a Falcon.  I am eager to be a part of this community and to learn from all of you.

Take care and let’s look forward to a great school year,

Taylor Schmit